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Accura Medizintechnik

Vein Stripper

Vein Stripper

For transluminal removal of superficial varicose veins from inferior limbs.

High tensile strength and flexibility due to FEP-coated, multifilament stainless steel wire

Supplied with four different sized olives

Olives and handle can be optionally connected to both wire ends

  • 4 pcs of olives with diameters of 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm
  • 1 Stainless steel wire, length 100 cm
  • 1 Handle, size 80 mm

    Packaging: Single packed, sterile

    Unit: 10 EA / box

    The Vein Stripper uses an up-to-date technology for easy and effective handling.

    The product offers high reliability based on the components:

    Each packing of vein strippers includes four various olives in the sizes of 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm diameter to comply with all common cases. This makes the set suitable for all patients independent of their size. It reduces cost of storage as only one set fits all applications. The new plastic material gives the olives a strength which is in compliance with the strength of the wire. So a rated tensile power of 450 kN is assured for the whole system.

    Comfortable Handle
    The set is equipped with a broad handle to allow the physician a comfortable usage and transfer of the tensile pull.

    Smoothly coated wire with high strength and good flexibility.
    The coated wire glides smoothly through vessels as its outside is covered by Polyethylene. The inside of the wire contains a strong rope of drilled stainless steel wire. Drilling gives thewire both, more strength and at the same time higher flexibility. Handling and reliability of steel wires is regarded superior in relation to plastic wires by most users.

    Easy handling
    The olives as well as the handle can be used at both ends of the wire. It allows retrograde usage of the wire by only exchanging the handle and the olive while the rope can stay in place.

    Design by Accura in Germany

    - easy and effective handling
    - high reliability and suitable for all patients independent of their size
    - smoothly coated wire with high strength and good flexibility

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