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Hemostasis Valve - Y-Connector

Hemostasis Valve - Y-Connector

The Y-Connectors are equipped with haemostatic valves and rotating Luer Lock connectors. Hemostasis Valve Sets with Torquer and Introducer Needle are available as well.

About Haemostatic Valves

The haemostatic valves helps in various clinical procedures to control bleeding and maintain hemostasis. These valves are designed to prevent the backflow of blood while allowing the introduction or removal of medical instruments.

Haemostatic valves are commonly used in minimally invasive procedures such as cardiac catheterizations, endovascular surgeries, and other interventions involving arterial or venous access. They are typically integrated into the introducer systems that provide access to blood vessels or other body cavities.

Function of a Heaemostatic Valve

The primary function of haemostatic valves is to create a one-way seal that allows the passage of medical devices into the body while minimizing blood loss. These valves typically consist a flexible material that can stretch to accommodate the insertion of instruments and then self-seal when the instruments are removed.

What are the advantages of hemostatic valves?

  • Minimize the need for manual compression to achieve hemostasis
  • Reduce the risk of air embolism
  • Provide a controlled environment for medical procedures
  • Delivery of contrast agents, fluids, or medications without the need for repeated needle sticks or catheter reinsertions.

Designed by Accura in Germany

- 180psi Leak-proof Seal from Proprietary Valve
- Patent Ergonomic Click-open and Click-close Design for One-hand Operation
- Torque and Introducer Fit 0.014"-0.021" Guidewire

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