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Peripheral Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System

The FINEBENT of Accura is a flexible Nitinol Stent of high durability and strength, introducing an intuitive delivery system.

High-grade Nitinol ist he base for this long memory and offers stable reshaping combined with radial force. Easy to handle with a user-friendly one-hand application system.

Tantalum markers enable exact positioning supported by minimal foreshortening.

The unique wave design of the Stent structure is designed for a perfect combination of flexiblility and radial force. 

Easy navigation in all kind of environment due to a flexible catheter construction with a high-tech design consisting of different sections.

 The features:

  • Tantalum markers for excellent radiopacity
  • Single handed delivery catheter
  • Exceptional wave design for great flexibility and optimal clinical performance
  • Working lengths of 80 cm and 120 cm, guided over 0,035” wires
  • Outstanding resistance against bending, compression and torsion through flexible connectors
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Different Sizes for 80 cm Shaft

The FINEBENT Self-Expanding Stent is available in different sizes to fit different patient needs.

Different Sizes for 120 cm Shaft

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