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Single-Lumen Embolectomy Catheter

Single-Lumen Embolectomy Catheter

Embolectomy Catheter

Single-lumen embolectomy catheters are designed to remove fresh, soft embolism from blood vessels of the arterial system.

Embolectomy catheters are sterile, single-use medical devices. They are visible in X-ray imaging and are fully biocompatible. Embolectomy catheters can be safely and easily inserted into blood vessels. Symmetry of inflated balloon ensures uniform contact with walls of the blood vessel and enables safe, precise removal of embolic material from the arterial system.

    Packaging: Single packed, sterile

    Unit: 5 EA / box


    Special compound of polyamide and polyurethane gives catheter superior strength and resistance to kinking.

    Certified German Quality

    - easy and effective handling
    - high reliability and suitable for all patients independent of their size
    - smoothly coated wire with high strength and good flexibility

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